Membership Application

    The following types of institutions and organizations may become members of the CHEA International Quality Group. Select the appropriate category from the available options.

Select ONE option only:

Higher Education Institutions:

 Higher education institutions accredited by USDE- or CHEA-recognized accrediting organization.
 Higher education institutions outside the United States in good standing with their national quality assurance organizations.

Higher Education Organizations and Associations:

 Accreditation and quality assurance organizations sanctioned by government or other competent authorities.
  Higher education associations.

Governments and Businesses:

  Government agencies.
  Businesses and corporations.


  Individuals not employed by an institution or organization eligible for CIQG membership.
Membership dues are determined using the following scale:

Institution/Organization               Annual Fee
Operating Budget                                        

Under $40 million USD $   500 US
$40 million - $300 million USD $1,000 US
Over $300 million USD $1,500 US
Individual Membership $   100 US

 Institution/Organization Name

 Contact Name

 Contact Title

 Address - Line 1

 Address - Line 2







 Amount Remitted $  US

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IMPORTANT: Membership in the CHEA International Quality Group does not constitute CHEA membership and is not connected to CHEA recognition. For information on CHEA membership or recognition, contact

Payment Options

(Please print and include a completed copy of this form when mailing payment or faxing purchase order.)
Check: Mail to CHEA, One Dupont Circle, Suite 510, Washington DC 20036
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ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFER: (For wires coming from outside the United States.)
Account Holder Name: Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA)
Account Number: 0005163200998
Bank: BB&T, 1909 K St. NW, Washington, DC 20006

For questions about membership in the CHEA International Quality Group, please email