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December 7, 2016   

CHEA International Quality Group (CIQG) International QA in the News provides the latest briefings, articles, reports, op-eds and reviews about quality assurance around the world. CHEA/CIQG will be publishing this update as needed to keep you informed about important issues that have an effect on quality assurance and its practitioners.



Combatting Academic Corruption: What Might the International Quality Assurance Community Do?

December 12, 2016 9:00 am - 10:30 am ET

The CHEA International Quality Group (CIQG) is initiating a Webinar
Series on combatting academic corruption based on the 2016 IIEP-CIQG Advisory Statement for Effective International Practice.

Join us for this important and engaging event!

Combatting Academic Corruption Webinar
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University Rankings in Perspective (Inside Higher Ed, December 4, 2016) “University rankings are largely based on what can be measured rather than what is necessarily relevant and important to the university.”

Exclusive University Networks ‘Fail’ Higher Education (Times Higher Education, December 2, 2016) “Global university networks that are exclusive ‘clubs’ that fail to engage with other institutions ‘fail’ higher education as a whole, according to the provost of Universitas 21.”

Exam Rules Herald Major Shake-Up of Business Education (University World News, December 1, 2016) “With the government clearly focused on standardising the way business degrees are approved, and stepping up on inspections, administrators at some Sino-foreign business schools in China believe the government will soon turn its sights on Sino-foreign programmes, some of them charging the highest fees in the lucrative sector.

Taiwanese, German Universities Sign Cooperation MOU (Focus Taiwan News, November 30, 2016) “The MOU between a Taiwanese alliance of universities and a German one will promote interaction and cooperation in research and teaching between the two groups of universities”

Transnational Education Guidelines: There is Work to be Done (Times Higher Education, November 29, 2016) “Ultimately, it seeks to improve reciprocal understanding and develop mutual trust, thus facilitating more effective, efficient and useful ways to cooperate across borders when it comes to quality assuring TNE.”

Kick-Off for Newly Developed Review Scheme of External Quality Assurance Agencies in Manila (SHARE-ASEAN News, November 23, 2016) “In cooperation with AQAN – the accredited ASEAN Network of Quality Assurance Agencies – SHARE has developed a review scheme and respective guidelines to conduct assessments of External Quality Assurance Agencies (EQAA).”


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