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July 12, 2016   

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July 21 (evening) – July 22, 2016 • Marriott Marquis Hotel • Washington, DC

Sessions at the Summer Workshop will address:

  • What might we expect from future federal oversight of accreditation and what are plans from the U.S. Department of Education and Congress?
  • How do we assure that outcomes assessments are actually measuring institutional quality?
  • What do we make of the Presidential election campaigns (the wildest campaigns ever)?
  • Are student outcomes and greater transparency now the two main drivers of accreditation?
  • Is accreditation increasingly politicized? What do some recent case studies tell us?
  • What does innovation in quality review look like?


See the CHEA Website for more information, including registration and hotel reservations forms.



Will Employers Gain Influence in Rating the Quality of a College Degree? (Washington Post, July 8, 2016) “While there is widespread agreement among college officials and policymakers that the current accreditation system is broken, [there] is less consensus on what should replace it. While that debate rages on, a group that is the largest consumer of college graduates is increasingly taking on a greater role in quality control: employers.”

Hillary Clinton Tacks to the Left on Higher Education (Forbes, July 7, 2016) “It is not clear to me that the federal government has a compelling interest in zeroing out tuition at state institutions for families that are able to shoulder some of the cost. States and public colleges should also be concerned about the significant strings that the feds will undoubtedly attach to those subsidies.”

Accreditor Defers Action on U of Phoenix Parent Company Merger (Inside Higher Ed, July 8, 2016)The Higher Learning Commission announced [July 7] it would defer action on a proposed merger agreement from Apollo Education Group -- the parent company of the University of Phoenix.”

ED Issues Sweeping Proposed Rules on Borrower Defense (Cooley Client Alert, June 23, 2016)ED has also reached into the existing financial responsibility regulations to describe at least 10 new ‘early warning’ triggers that would allow ED to require institutions to post a letter of credit (‘LOC’) with the Department to demonstrate their financial stability and, importantly, assure ED of their ability to pay [Borrower Defense to Repayment] claims if needed. The proposed triggering events include, among others ... accrediting agency actions – if the institution or any of its locations is required to submit a teach-out plan or is placed on probation or issued a show-cause in the three prior award years, regardless of the cause.”

Peer Criticises Government on Private Providers After QAA Report (Times Higher Education, July 11, 2016) “Fresh questions have been raised about the government’s ability to ensure oversight of private colleges as a for-profit institution was stripped of its right to receive public funding after a damning quality watchdog report.”

Expert Meeting on Quality Assurance, Accreditation and Academic Corruption (Ethics and Corruption in Education, Bulletin #2, July 2016) “CHEA/CIQG and IIEP hosted a two-day expert meeting to address quality assurance, accreditation and the role they play in combatting academic corruption.”




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