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July 5, 2016   

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July 21 (evening) – July 22, 2016 • Marriott Marquis Hotel • Washington, DC

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Lynn Mahaffie, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Policy, Planning and Innovation, U.S. Department of Education
  • Bill Press, Senior Political Contributor, CNN and Syndicated Political Talk Show Host
  • James Kvaal, former Deputy Director, White House Domestic Policy Council
  • Susan Phillips, Chair, National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity


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Clinton’s “Innovation Agenda” for Higher Education (Inside Higher Ed, June 29, 2016) “Clinton’s proposal to bring alternative providers into the federal financial aid fold is one that enjoys broad political support. The U.S. Department of Education has since last year planned experiments involving partnerships between colleges and alternative providers, while many Republicans, including Florida Senator Marco Rubio, have called for accreditation processes to be overhauled to let alternative providers in.”

A For-Profit College Takeover With Obama Ties (Politico “Morning Education,” June 29, 2016) “Vistria and fellow investors have already won over shareholders of the [University of Phoenix’s] parent company, Apollo Education Group. But now they need the Education Department and accreditors to sign off on the ownership change.”

A Better Dashboard (Inside Higher Ed, June 30, 2016) “A national outcry regarding the cost of education and the poor performance of institutions in graduating their students has raised questions about the extent to which accreditors are fulfilling their mission of quality assurance. Politicians have expressed outrage, for instance, at the fact that accreditors are not shutting down institutions with graduation rates in the single digits.”

Is the ABA on the Verge of Losing Law School Accreditation? (Bloomberg Law, June 24, 2016) “An advisory committee under the U.S. Department of Education has recommended the ABA lose its ability to accredit new law schools for a period of one year.”

Students at Schools Overseen by Troubled Accrediting Agency ACICS Have Options (GoodCall, June 30, 2016) “The prospects of upending their lives, transferring to other schools or graduating from an unaccredited school are very real for students just beginning or in the midst of their college careers at these institutions. Here’s a look at some options these students face in the wake of the government’s decision.”

Public University Group Backs Risk-Based Accreditation (Inside Higher Ed, June 23, 2016) “The Association of Public and Land-grant Universities on [June 22] said it backed an approach to the accreditation process where the agencies focus more time and energy on colleges that have problems than on those that don't.”

New Study Abroad Regulations to Improve HE Quality (University World News, June 29, 2016) “In a significant attempt to boost collaboration between Indian and foreign institutions, the Human Resource Development Ministry said in a statement on 22 June: ‘Indian universities and colleges having the highest grade of accreditation or threshold accreditation, will now be able to apply online to the University Grants Commission for starting twinning and collaborative arrangements with quality foreign educational institutions in undergraduate and postgraduate programmes leading to the award of a degree.’”



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