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May 13, 2016   

Accreditation in the News compiles news, articles and reports covering accreditation and quality assurance issues in the United States and internationally.


See the latest issue of Quality International, the newsletter of the CHEA International Quality Group, featuring an interview with Peter J. Wells, Chief of the Higher Education Section of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization; an article on the recently launched CHEA/CIQG Memorandum of Affiliation; a report by Peter Okebukola, President of the Global University Network for Innovation - Africa and Chair of the CIQG Advisory Council on the council's recent annual meeting and more.



Rankings “Must Disaggregate Data to Drive Performance” (University World News, May 5, 2016) “[Simon] Marginson said multi-indicator rankings provide a rich data set, but because the link between effort in a particular area and ranking outcome is not transparent, they cannot drive a coherent performance regime. He said if he had the power to choose he would disaggregate multi-indicator rankings, to drive performance improvement, and develop new rankings and comparisons in many areas.”

For-Profit College Accreditor Aims to Evolve (Politico “Morning Education,” May 12, 2016) “Tony Bieda, the executive in charge of ACICIS, tells Morning Education that changes are being implemented “to demonstrate a commitment to all our stakeholders that ACICS is serious about quality assurance and transparency.”

What’s Right and Wrong About Research Universities (Inside Higher Ed, May 10, 2016) “Accreditation, which is intended to ensure the credibility of colleges and universities, fails to provide accountability for institutions that abuse students and government funds. Moreover, it subjects institutions to the same unproductive requirements whether they have superb or mediocre track records.”

An Ayn Rand Acolyte Selling Students a Self-Made Dream (New York Times, May 7, 2016) “Mr. Barney, who opposes government-backed loans and grants on principle, has made his fortune in a business that is almost wholly dependent on them. His students borrow heavily to pay for their studies in hope of replicating Mr. Barney’s up-by-the-bootstraps success.”

The College Accreditation Crisis (U.S. News & World Report, May 5, 2016) ) “Accreditation works largely on trust. It requires faith from the public that agencies will be rigorous and ethical judges of quality. Protecting colleges through secrecy can no longer be the priority, and earning back that trust must start with verifying what these bodies actually do.”






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